TOSS (Teachers’ Organization of Skill Sharing) is Japan’s largest private educational research organization.

To provide valuable education to all children, TOSS works with teachers and educators throughout Japan to collect and disseminate excellent educational techniques and methods, while researching important issues in education. In addition, our organization continues its efforts to improve teachers’ skills through study group activities and seminars. Currently, there are more than 700 study groups and approximately 10,000 members.


Message from Our President

The quality of education in Japan is currently quite high by world standards. Teachers are sincere and enthusiastic, children’s academic performance is well ranked, and there are few behavioral problems. To build on this foundation, we at TOSS have been networking with teachers to research, validate, improve, disseminate, and share our teaching techniques. We have also developed countless teaching materials and books over 30 years to build on current strengths.

We hope that many educators will use TOSS resources to benefit children worldwide. It is our mission to pass on what we have. It would also be wonderful to exchange information with overseas educational institutions on critical educational issues such as ICT-based education, communication skills using second languages, such as English, and special needs education to benefit our students mutually.

To this end, TOSS continues to exchange information by promoting visits between Japan, Asia, Europe, and the United States. Our mission is to further promote such overseas exchanges and utilize the strengths of TOSS to serve the development of education at home and abroad.

We look forward to working with educational institutions in other countries with whom we can exchange information as partners.

President, TOSS
Professor, Tamagawa University Graduate School of Education, Teaching Profession
President, The Japan Society for Educational Skills


Provide Valuable Education
For Children.

Every Last Child Must Be Cherished, Without Exception.
We endeavor to do this by carrying out various practices and research.

Four Principles of Activity

  • – Principle of Diversity
    There are many various educational teaching techniques. TOSS picks up as many methods as possible.
  • – Principle of Continuity
    Nothing is set in stone when it comes to educational teaching techniques. They are always subject to review and correction.
  • – Principle of Demonstrability
    Claims are based on records that clearly indicate teaching instructions, materials, questions, points to keep in mind, and results.
  • – Principle of Independence
    The teachers themselves choose the methods and materials that are suitable for their classes.


Founding of TOSS (Teachers’ Organization of Skill Sharing)
Mukoyama Yoichi,President
Initiation of TOSS Teaching Skills Certification
Started educational tours of ICT education, special education, and STEAM education in USA
Tani Kazuki appointed as the TOSS President.
Mr. Tani established The AI Utilization Education Award.